Long Blades for Shavette 10`s

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Designed for use with the Black Holder for, DOVO Shavette Long Blades, Stainless Steel constitute a cost-effective alternative to disposable razors.

Despite the name, 10 shavette blades can be snapped to produce 20 usable blades, because each one has been perforated in the middle to facilitate this exact action.

However, users are recommended to perform this action while the shavette blades are still packaged in wax paper, since that protects both their fingers and their blades’ edges.

Other than the convenience of being able to replace razor blades as soon as their edges dull, these shavette blades also have their sharpness and resistance to corrosion to recommend them. 

DOVO is a German manufacturer of steel instruments that also sells razors and other shaving accessories through one of its subsidiaries called Merkur Solingen. Based in Solingen, an one-time blacksmithing centre, Merkur Solingen draws on the local expertise and craftsmanship to produce its modern razors and razor blades.